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Architecting enterprise applications before .NET Core - Comparing enterprise application architecture in the past with what's possible now in .NET Core

Why choose .NET Core? - An excerpt from my book on .NET Core

Checking contents of ServiceBus brokered messages - How to view ServiceBus BrokeredMessage objects in WinDBG

The Reality of Home Solar Power - Are solar panels for your home a good investment? I talk about my experience with solar.

Hosting the CLR the Right Way - How to host the CLR in your native C++ application the right way.

Hosting the CLR the Old Way - How to host the CLR in your native C++ application using the old, easy, unsafe method.

Azure SDK 2.5 Diagnostics Bugs - Be careful about the move to Azure SDK 2.5 if you use diagnostics

Azure Diagnostics: Backup Local Storage to Blob - Local storage on an Azure Cloud Service can be automatically backed up to a blob container using Azure Diagnostics

FxCop Fails Only on Build Server - A fix for an issue where FxCop works locally but fails on a build server

Async/Await and Closures - What is the impact of using async/await with anonymous delegates and closures

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Every now and then a friend or family member will come out to visit us in Seattle. It can be difficult to know how to plan a trip so I like to provide them with a bunch of options. Since I kept having to dig up that information I decided to formalize it into web pages and put it here: Visiting the Seattle Area